What about blogging?

I am making a point to glance through this tumblr once a week or so.  If I remember.  Some of the posts are interesting.  Many are not.  I ask myself, “What about blogging?  What is the point?”  I have started a couple blogs over the years, but my enthusiasm eventually waned.  I wondered, “Who the hell really cares?”  But now I see that sometimes its just about getting the words out, and that maybe it doesn’t matter beyond that.  It’s a tool.  It’s a way to test the water — both in one’s own mind, and if you open the floor to comments, then also in the minds of others.  Hmm.

Reason for being

I decided to create this tumblr to create an eclectic random selection of daily “incoming” from which to seek inspiration.  I started with a list of words meaningful to me, and then used the search feature.  Entering the words one at a time, I then selected from amongst the results one blog per word to represent that idea.  I look forward to visiting for inspiration several times per week :-)  Not sure I’ll post anything myself, but maybe … you never can tell!